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👀 Before You Pursue Your Goal

You’ll find plenty of goal setting advice across the internet and in your inbox at this time of the year.

Before setting off to pursue your goals, have you taken inventory of your personal beliefs? Do you have any limiting beliefs about yourself or others that could be holding you back? These may come in the form of:

“I never have been able to do <insert desired goal here>, so I will never be able to”,
“I really don’t have the time or energy”,
“People don’t support or believe in me, so I can’t”,
“I’ve failed in the past, so I can’t”,
“People have told me that I won’t succeed with that”,
“People will laugh at me if I try”,
“Dance is for other people, not me”.

If you’ve found yourself believing any thoughts like these, now’s the time to reassess and adjust those beliefs.

Take charge, first, by knowing that you are enough and have what it takes from the start. Truly believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goals before beginning the work towards them. Yes, your goals will require you to change some habits, but they will also require you to change these limiting beliefs. Particularly, when it gets a bit challenging to continue working towards your goals and you feel like giving up, these beliefs may pop-up again.

So, before you head into the wonderful and rewarding journey of self-improvement, identify and cleanse the limiting beliefs, and be sure to quiet them if they happen to sneak back in during your journey.

I have tips I’ll share with you over the next few weeks to support you along your resolution journey. Follow Moodment Dance on Facebook and Instagram for more posts on tools to achieve your goals over the next few weeks.

If your goals involve dancing, we have opportunities opening up for your to pursue your dance dreams. If you’d like to perform with us on some exciting new stages, RSVP for an audition appointment here. If dancing without performing is more of your style, sign-up for the next series of dance classes below.

Be well. Aim high. Achieve in 2022.

We look forward to achieving with you!!


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