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The Scariest Outcome of Halloween

As the erie music followed the dark fog across the overgrown cemetery, I considered the juxtaposition of the word 'happy' against the gloomy background in the video story I'd just posted on Instagram. "Happy Halloween", it reads, in a beautiful pink, against the gloomy sky.

But as I closed the Instagram app, I reflected on how its actually a pretty scary holiday. So, should it read "Scary Halloween" instead?

What's really happening behind those bright pink words in the video is dark and ominous movement. It's just like what's happening behind a lot of face masks and face paints this Halloween weekend. The masks and face paints are hiding some scary things behind them!

People are hiding a lot of scary fear behind those Halloween masks this weekend. And on a regular weekend without masks, they are just hiding fear in plain site.

How do I know? In my career in education and performance, I've taught children and adults alike who all have the same needs, wants, and fears. I've lived in that same fear myself and in recent years made the firm decision to fight against it.

"What should I do?", "What if it doesn't work out?", "What if I fail?" , "What will _____ (fill in the blank with your most important person) think of me if I tried?".

All of those thoughts are scary.

But do you want to know the scariest possible outcome?

What could be the scariest situation to come of Halloween?

It's not facing your fears and remaining in the same place you have been for years.

I'm here to say there's a lot of freedom on the other side of this fear.

I'm living it.

And there's something absolutely empowering when you finally say...

"That's it"
"It's time."
"I'm doing it."
"I'm making a change" "
I'm going for it".

And you start to become the best version of you... who you were created to be.

Be you.

Do it scared.

If starting dance is one of your fears... don't let it be any longer.

Ease on in to a supportive online dance environment where you get the support of a professional educator and dancer.

Here's a link to my online starter dance course with live support from directly from me. Check it out and get started today!

Yours in success,


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